Surf the web. Save the planet!

Did you know tree planting has “mind-blowing potential” as a climate change solution? You’re probably thinking: “That’s terrific, but afforestation isn’t my strong suit.” No worries. With Ecosia, you can plant trees simply by searching the web. No forestry degree required.

Ecosia reinvests their search engine ad profit towards planting trees while you surf the web. It’s a simple concept with a powerful impact that has led to over 140M trees planted by the Ecosia community (and counting!).

We’re making it our personal mission to convert as many users (and their search browser preferences) as we can onto Ecosia – because aren’t we all just tired of giving Google so much money to monopolize 90%+ of search?

We are so passionate about this that our digital agency includes the Bing platform – where Ecosia falls under – in almost all of our paid search strategies, not just because having a balanced search mix makes sense but because planting trees makes more sense – and Google has enough money in their pockets.

OUR COMMITMENT: 100% of our team using Ecosia as default search browser (complete) and 30% of all digital client Search budget spent with Ecosia or similar causes by 2030.

Start Planting