COVID-19 SMB Relief Grant

Digital Marketing Makeover.

Most small businesses lack e-commerce capabilities. Only a fraction of them were prepared to increase their digital capabilities prior to recent global events. That’s why we’re offering $10,000 in grant funding to eligible small businesses in need of a digital makeover.

The numbers of the pandemic add up to the present challenge: small businesses must rapidly expand their digital footprint to survive. Truth is, we’re not interested in their survival. No, our goal is to see them thrive

We don’t know if every small biz shop will survive in this new-world economy. But if boosting the digital marketing capabilities of small-to-medium businesses is enough to keep them in the fight, then we can help keep them from throwing in the towel.

OUR COMMITMENT: Unlock $10K of funding in 2022 to support at least 10 small businesses in need.

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